The Dead Woman

Sin City, #2

Secrets can kill …

Tim Kelly makes a deal with Mexican gunrunners that will bring him much-needed cash and improve his standing in Vegas’ criminal underworld. Then he gets stiffed, and the only person with an explanation isn’t talking.

Lupe Delgado is on the run from a powerful cartel and her only goal is to put distance between her and the man who wants her dead. Her escape is thwarted when she ends up in Tim’s hands.

Tim offers an exchange: information on the location of his weapons shipment for Lupe’s freedom. Lupe reluctantly agrees to help Tim, but refuses to tell him why she fled Mexico.

When hitmen arrive in town, Tim and Lupe take the fight to Mexico. Surrounded by enemies, Lupe must reveal her secret if they’re going to survive – and it’s one the cartel will kill to keep.

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