Sin City Series

Sin City is a crime/love story series following the lives of petty criminals, showgirls, cowboys and the mafia in 1960s Las Vegas. If you liked the 60s vibe of the 2012 TV show Vegas or you’re a fan of the S.E. Hinton book The Outsiders, then you might enjoy this series.

Piece of Work (Sin City, #0.5)
Short Story

Tim Kelly has never been a fan of the Chicago Mob, and in 1965 Las Vegas, they’re the only game in town.

Tim’s latest venture has caught the attention of Sam Wyatt, a Fremont Street mobster with two casinos. Unfortunately, he’s also caught the attention of the Chicago Outfit’s most ruthless enforcer.

Now Tim has a choice to make – play ball or stake his own claim – and his decision could have lasting effects.

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Sin City by Jennifer Samson Book Cover ImageSin City (Sin City, #1)

Las Vegas, 1966

There are parts of Sin City the neon lights don’t reach, and only the desperate and dangerous venture into the city’s seedy backstreets, where gangsters rule, the floating poker games never stop, and people disappear without a trace.

Ruby Gordon is desperate. She has nowhere else to go when her brother opens his home to her. He runs an off-the-books juke joint, and she is fascinated by the most dangerous – and handsome – of his clientele.

Tim Kelly is dangerous. His father never achieved notoriety with the Chicago Outfit, but Tim has aspirations to strike out on his own. He has plans, and they don’t include a naive newcomer.

Jake Wheeler is both. The Airman-turned-rodeo-rider is as gorgeous as he is foul-tempered, and he’s Tim’s not-so-friendly rival. When he notices Tim’s interest in Ruby, he’s determined to derail Tim’s plans.

The three of them are on a collision course, but there’s only one rule in Vegas: The house always wins.

“I couldn’t put this book down. I was slightly obsessed with it.” – Goodreads Review, Sin City

Fantastic book. I’d recommend it to anyone.” – Amazon Review, Sin City

Tilt by Jennifer Samson Book Cover Image

Tilt (Sin City, #1.5)

Everything Changes

Las Vegas is a city of change. Fortunes are won and squandered; love found and lost; and alliances made and broken. Everything can change with a spin of the wheel or roll of the dice.

Bill is enchanted with Marilyn, who is everything he wants in a woman – and dating his friend Jimmy. Jimmy thinks Marilyn may be “the one,” but, if so, why is he drawn to Darla?

Rising star Darla loves Jake, but she has to choose between a Hollywood career and a future with him. Jake is in debt to the Chicago Outfit, and if he leaves town, there’s nowhere Chicago won’t follow, even to Hollywood.

Ray wants to become a made man with Chicago, but he wants revenge against Frank Kelly more. Frank’s daughter Diana presents an opportunity to drive a wedge into the family. The only person Diana trusts is her brother Tim, but their relationship is strained, leaving her angry … and vulnerable.

Rett is at his wit’s end when his sister Ruby takes up with Tim Kelly, a petty criminal with a chip on his shoulder and disdain for Chicago. Even Rett’s mob ties won’t protect Ruby when – not if – Tim crosses Chicago.

Some will win and others will lose, but no one will come away unchanged.

“Tilt is such a fabulous complimentary book to Ruby and Tim’s relationship!” Review, Tilt

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The Dead Woman by Jennifer Samson Book Cover ImageThe Dead Woman (Sin City, #2)

Secrets can kill …

Tim Kelly makes a deal with Mexican gunrunners that will bring him much-needed cash and improve his standing in Vegas’ criminal underworld. Then he gets stiffed, and the only person with an explanation isn’t talking.

Lupe Delgado is on the run from a powerful cartel and her only goal is to put distance between her and the man who wants her dead. Her escape is thwarted when she ends up in Tim’s hands.

Tim offers an exchange: information on the location of his weapons shipment for Lupe’s freedom. Lupe reluctantly agrees to help Tim, but refuses to tell him why she fled Mexico.

When hitmen arrive in town, Tim and Lupe take the fight to Mexico. Surrounded by enemies, Lupe must reveal her secret if they’re going to survive – and it’s one the cartel will kill to keep.

“Very exciting from start to finish.” – Goodreads Review, The Dead Woman

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Neon and Tinsel by Jennifer Samson and MB Miller Book Cover ImageNeon and Tinsel (Sin City, #2.5)

Deck the halls …

Christmas is a time of reflection, and Tim Kelly dwells on his failures. His family is dysfunctional, and he dreads the holidays. His father supposedly turned over a new leaf, but Tim learns he asked the Outfit for a favor that will come back to bite them later.

It should be a time of joy, but Darla Redmond can’t shake her anxiety. She’s home for the holidays, hoping for a Christmas miracle: one last holiday with her ailing grandmother.

Christmas is a time of faith, but no one has less than Jake Wheeler. He depends only on Al, another drifter, but Al struggles with his own self-doubt until a surprise discovery inspires them to save another outcast.

It should be a time to spend with family, but Ruby Gordon has never felt more alone. When she learns her father won’t be home for the holidays, her brother Rett resolves to make it a Christmas she’ll never forget.

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Bayou Bound by Jennifer Samson Book Cover Image

Bayou Bound (Sin City, #3)

We’re not in the desert anymore …

Jake Wheeler wants out from under his Outfit debt and to reunite with Darla Redmond in Hollywood. The only way he can do it is with the help of Tim Kelly.

Tim isn’t thrilled to see Jake back in Las Vegas, and he doesn’t trust a word coming out of his mouth. But Jake’s offer of a big score that would legitimize his business dealings is too good to pass up.

They head to Alabama for the loot, and on their way back, they end up in the Louisiana bayou. Neither of them bargained for the small-town sheriff and the crooked prison warden. They’ve been sentenced to five years hard labor on a chain gang. No one knows where they are, and no one’s going to come looking.

Escape is the only thing on their minds.

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