Anywhere But Here On Sale Now!

Anywhere But Here is now available for purchase in print and digital format at Amazon, Kobo, Apple, Barnes and Noble and more!

Meet Joy, Libby and Angel before they got to college at Brookline University, and follow them through their years in foster care.

You can also pre-order the sequel, The Long Way Home. This picks up right where Anywhere But Here leaves off, and covers the last two years of the characters’ lives before college. Find out how they got there when their lives were more about foster care and running away than school.


Anywhere But Here – Cover and Blurb Reveal

The prequel series to Brookline University will be coming out soon (details to come!) and it’s high time for the reveal of the cover and blurb.

This gorgeous cover was designed by James at

And now, the blurb …

Anywhere But Here

When thirteen-year-old twins Joy and Libby Morrison are reunited after months in different foster homes, their relief is short-lived. Their new group home is known for its abuse, but putting up with it is the only way they can stay together.

The only thing keeping Joy going is her relationship with streetwise hood Cal Gordon and his friends. Older and wise to the ways of foster care, Cal is bent on teaching Joy how to survive. But it isn’t enough.

When the abuse becomes more than the girls and their new roommate, Angel, can bear, Joy is desperate to finance their escape from the system. Cal can get her into a car theft ring, but if it backfires she faces permanent separation from her sister and friends.

A coming-of-age story in the vein of The Outsiders, Anywhere But Here highlights the strong relationships that form under the most difficult of circumstances.

Stay tuned for information on when it will be available, along with its sequel, The Long Way Home.

Christmas in July!

Do you love Christmas themed books? Load up your ereader for the holidays with some free ebooks in all genres including the Sin City short Neon and Tinsel!

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Re-numbering Sin City

Sin City has been re-numbered.

Those of you with the books won’t notice anything – the book list never had numbers – but if you frequent Goodreads, you’ll notice the book series numbering is now slightly different.

The book order is officially:

Piece of Work (Sin City, #0.5)

Sin City (Sin City, #1)

Tilt (Sin City, #1.5)

The Dead Woman (Sin City, #2)

Neon and Tinsel (Sin City, #2.5)

The .5 books are part of the series, but will usually be short stories or novellas. The short stories will either explain an event (like Piece of Work telling us how Tim got his facial scars) or be a vignette in time (like Neon and Tinsel showing us the characters at Christmas), while the novellas like Tilt follow the secondary characters and tell their stories.

Is it necessary to read the .5 books? Well, of course I’m going to say yes! Tilt is really the most important one for series readers, as it lets you in on the motivations of the characters I don’t write about in the main books, and this can let you know things Tim may not. And it’s fun when you know things Tim doesn’t.



Tilt playlist

Tilt’s playlist was curated by M.B. Miller. I’m hoping to add the scenes they match with soon, although astute readers may pick up on where certain scenes take place thanks to mentions in the book.

You can hear the playlist on YouTube and Spotify.

01        I Fought The Law (The Bobby Fuller Four)

02        You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me (Dusty Springfield)

03        Cherry, Cherry (Neil Diamond)

04        Baby I’m Yours (Barbara Lewis)

05        Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me (Mel Carter)

06        Come A Little Bit Closer (Jay & The Americans)

07        Don’t Mess With Bill (The Marvelettes)

08        We’ve Got To Get Out of This Place (The Animals)

09        Sunshine Superman (Donovan)

10        Unchained Melody (The Righteous Brothers)

11        We Can Work It Out (The Beatles)

12        You Keep Me Hangin’ On (Diana Ross & The Supremes)

13        What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted (Jimmy Ruffin)

14        She’s Not There (The Zombies)

15        Nowhere Man (The Beatles)

The Many Faces of Brookline University Junior and Senior Year

Continuing on, I am detailing the different editions and versions of the Brookline University series.  I am doing Junior Year and Senior Year together since they had the least amount of changes (they were released after I’d done some updates to the previous books).

Check out the posts for Freshman Year and Sophomore Year.

Junior Year

Junior Year was published in ebook format on March 23, 2012, print on March 25, 2012 and Kindle on November 23, 2013.

2012 1st Edition Hollow Print (Spring Cover) – Copyright states 2012. The chapter numbers are hollow outlines, Vancouver is on the title page, there is a Printed In notation on the copyright page. The book is 30 chapters and 260 pages. Font is Times New Roman. Many editions had no interior ISBN listed.

2012 1st Edition Solid Print (Spring Cover) – Copyright states 2012. There is an ISBN, no Vancouver on the title page, no Printed In notation and solid chapter numbers. It is also 30 chapters and 260 pages, so these changes were cosmetic, aside from any spelling corrections.

2012 1st Edition Digital (Spring Cover) – The digital versions were identical to the print versions, aside from release date.

2011, 2016 2nd Edition (New Cover) – For some reason, the copyright lists 2011 when it should say 2012 on versions sold from 2016 to early 2018. These editions have new ISBNs, new covers, new interior fonts and a bio at the back. It’s 30 chapters and 312 pages due to the font changes.

2014 Digital Editions (New Cover) – The digital version gives a 2014 copyright date and has the new cover.

Senior Year

The Kindle book was published on July 16, 2014 (released earlier than the Aug 1st release date), the print and ebook versions on August 1st, 2014, and the 2nd edition print on October 25, 2016.

2014 1st Edition Print (Summer Cover) – Solid chapter numbering, and it runs 20 chapters at 215 pages. A hollow version was never made as the redesign to solid chapter numbers happened before this book was released.

2014 1st Edition Digital Versions (Summer Cover) – Same content as print, but with the old cover.

2014, 2016 – 2nd Edition Print (New Cover) – New interior font, new cover, new ISBN. Bio at the back. 20 chapters and 252 pages due to the new font, as content is the same.

2016 Digital Editions (New Cover) – New cover and same content. The  copyright date is 2014.

Content was only changed in a major way in Freshman Year (cutting two chapters). All of the books have had corrections made to things like spelling or grammar when needed.

The two prequels will require some adjustment to the books – stay tuned for a detailed post about what will change in upcoming releases!

The Many Faces of Brookline University: Sophomore Year

While Brookline University: Freshman Year had more updates, Sophomore Year is right on its heels. Sophomore Year was first released on October 20, 2011. The ebook version was released a day earlier, while the Kindle edition didn’t come out until November 23, 2013 (I think because I didn’t get a KDP account until then).

There are a few different print and ebook editions, but the actual content is the same (minus some spelling corrections etc) aside from covers and interior design.

Sophomore Year

2011 Hollow Version (1st Edition, Winter Cover) – 2011 copyright. This edition has hollow outline chapter numbers. It also has Vancouver on the title page, a “Printed In” notation on the copyright and contains 22 chapters and 248 pages.

2011 Solid Version (1st Edition, Winter Cover) – 2011 copyright. This edition has solid chapter numbers, no Vancouver on the title page and no printed in notation. It also has 22 chapters and 248 pages, so this edition is different only in small design elements.

2011 Digital Versions (1st Edition, Winter Cover) – 2011 copyright. Released in 2011, the versions on Amazon and other digital channels are identical to each other and to the print versions.

2011, 2016 New Cover Print (2nd Edition, New Cover) – 2011, 2016 copyright. Unlike Freshman Year, Sophomore Year never had a redo in 2014 because it was more up-to-date. This new edition has a new ISBN, new interior font and a new cover. There is also a bio at the back. These books run 22 chapters and 289 pages (due to font changes). The Amazon versions have matte covers and white paper, while the Lulu versions have glossy covers and cream paper.

Note: Like Freshman Year, there was a small mistake run with the old cover and new interior and ISBN, but I believe I have the only print copies of these.

2016 Digital Editions (New Cover) – The only changes were a new ISBN and new cover. The content was the same.

Next post I’ll be grouping Junior Year and Senior Year together because they didn’t have as many versions.

The Many Faces of Brookline University: Freshman Year

Brookline University was originally published as an online serial that ran from 1998 to 2005. In 2005, I compiled the series into 4 books and started to edit them. The books were released in 2008 (Freshman Year), 2011 (Sophomore Year), 2012 (Junior Year) and 2014 (Senior Year).

Over the years, there have been changes made to the books – small changes like spelling corrections and huge changes like dropping entire chapters.

Later this year, I’ll be releasing newer versions with some ret-conned changes (but not enough to warrant an Edition 3 and new ISBNs) – I don’t know yet if this will affect all books in the series or just some. But, I will be making a post with a detailed list of all changes for those that don’t want to repurchase. Honestly, most of the changes are so small I doubt you guys will notice!

So my next few blog posts will be detail what versions of Brookline University are out there. They’ve gone through a few incarnations over the years, so you can check here to see which version(s) you own:

Freshman Year

Freshman Year had print versions out years before digital ones, so there are more changes to the print versions. The first print version was released April 15, 2008 (ten years ago yesterday!) while digital was released in 2011 to coincide with the Sophomore Year release.

2008 Hollow Version (1st Edition, Fall Cover) – 2008 copyright. The “hollow” version refers to the chapter numbers. They are hollow outlines. These ones say Vancouver, BC on the title page, have a block style dedication page, and while the text is Times New Roman 10 pt (I believe), the page numbers are TNR 12 pt. This version has a big error – chapter 21 is labelled 22, so it appears to skip from 20 to 22. The book is technically 21 chapters (but shows 22), and 256 pages. The margins are quite thin at the top and sides.

2008 Solid Version (1st Edition, Fall Cover) – 2008 copyright. The chapter numbers are now solid, there is no Vancouver listed on the title page, the dedication is no longer in block form, and the biggest change is to the margins, which are wider. This increased the page count to 262 pages. The chapter numbering issue was corrected, so this shows 21 chapters. It’s done in TNR 10 pt.

2008, 2014 Edited Version (1st Edition, Fall Cover) – 2008, 2014 copyright. A major change was made to this version – two chapters were dropped. Chapter 10 and Chapter 20 from the original 2008 releases were dropped, so the book is now 19 chapters and 239 pages. This edited version was released when Senior Year was published, around October 2014.

2011 Digital Versions (1st Edition, Fall Cover) –  Freshman Year became available digitally on October 20, 2011. Originally it came to Amazon via Lulu, and when I got a KDP account and went direct with them, it was December 3, 2013, so there are different listed publishing dates for the digital versions on Goodreads. There are two possible versions of this release – a 21 chapter and a 19 chapter, dependent on when it was purchased (pre-2014 will have 21 chapters). The content will match the print books in these case.

In October 2016, new 2nd edition versions were produced:

The current BU: FY cover

2008, 2016 New Cover Print (2nd Edition, New Cover) – New covers with the twins, new interior font, the chapter start is higher up on the page, and there’s a booklist and bio at the back. The book runs 286 pages and 19 chapters. This is the print version for sale everywhere currently. The Amazon versions have matte covers with white interior and the Lulu ones have glossy covers and cream interior.

Note: There was a rare mistake version with the new ISBN and interior, but the old cover. From my records it seems I may have the only print copy.

2008, 2016 Digital Versions (2nd Edition, New Cover) – New cover versions were added for the digital releases in 2016 as well.

The digital versions are updated any time something is corrected in the print, but they aren’t usually sent to previous buyers unless there’s a major issue. But since Freshman Year is FREE, you can download the most recent copy any time and delete your old version.

It’s also possible there are versions out there I don’t have. If you find you have a version that doesn’t match these descriptions, comment and let me know and I’ll figure out where it belongs.

Stay tuned on posts about the other books in the series (most of which have fewer changes than this book!) – Sophomore Year, Junior Year and Senior Year.