Brookline University Series

Brookline University is a four-book Young Adult series following three best friends who grew up in foster care as they move across the country to attend university in Brookline, Massachusetts. If you liked the TV show Greek or read Sweet Valley University back in the day, you’ll probably enjoy this series.

The series is currently available digitally exclusively at Amazon, and the omnibus edition is free to read with Kindle Unlimited or Prime Reading.

Don’t forget to check out the prequel series, Streetwise, which follows the characters as they grow up in foster care.

Brookline University: Freshman Year

Joy and Libby Morrison and their best friend Angel Sheridan are off to college. They quickly discover it’s a totally different world from the one they’ve left – one which saw them growing up in the foster care system in Seattle.

Now living across the country, they’re faced with a whole new set of challenges and a chance to reinvent themselves.

From rushing the sororities on campus to getting involved in new relationships, they experience all the turmoil and fun of their first year of college at Brookline University. 


Brookline University: Sophomore Year

Sophomore year finds best friends Joy, Libby and Angel on the other side of sorority rush for the first time. Too bad none of them can enjoy it.

Joy struggles to trust the men around her as she deals with the upcoming trial of the man who attacked her – as well as new-found feelings for a friend.

Libby’s boyfriend has become closed-off and secretive, and her suspicion about why is making it impossible to focus on anything else.

Meanwhile, Angel has trouble deciding how much to reveal about her past when she meets someone she isn’t sure she can be open with.

Between dealing with guys, to sorority obligations and school, the three friends have a lot on their plates during their sophomore year at Brookline University.

Brookline University: Junior Year

Joy, Libby and Angel are starting their junior year of college at Brookline University, and they’re all keeping secrets.

Libby’s met the man of her dreams. He’s smart, funny, athletic … and he doesn’t want a relationship. She thinks she can handle a casual fling, but her growing feelings make her question whether she’s being used.

Angel is tired of keeping secrets. From her boyfriend to her major to her progress in physical therapy, she’s been keeping a lot from her friends, and it’s only a matter of time before she breaks.

Joy has made a big decision about her major and what it means for her life after college. She knows what she wants to do, but she doesn’t know if she’ll get the support she wants from everyone.

Going back to where they grew up brings back a lot of memories – and creates a lot of questions about where to go from here. The girls have a lot of choices ahead of them at Brookline University.

Brookline University: Senior Year

As they start senior year, Joy, Libby and Angel must make decisions about their futures.

Joy is preparing to enter the Air Force, but her disastrous break-up with Ryan weighs on her. Reconciliation is a long shot.

Libby’s preparing for grad school, but her long-distance boyfriend has new plans that will change everything.

Angel has a big secret, one that will impact everyone. It could cost her sorority membership — and her chance to graduate.

Tragedy strikes and it can bring the friends together — or drive them apart. Senior year isn’t anything they expected, and soon it’ll be time to leave Brookline University for good.

Brookline University: The Series
Omnibus Edition

This omnibus edition is available to read for free on Amazon. All four books of the Brookline University series in one file.