Billie and Diana series

The Billie and Diana series is a co-authored comedy thriller series following best friends and recent college grads Billie Jessop and Diana DeAngelis. Murder just seems to follow them wherever they go, from college dorms to isolated film sets and creepy old theatres on the grounds of condemned mental asylums. Okay, so maybe that last one makes sense …

Brookline University series

Brookline University is a four book YA series following three friends as they leave foster care and move across the country to attend college. From dorms to sorority rush, relationships to future plans, there’s always something going on at Brookline University. There is a prequel series listed below called Streetwise.


Sin City series

Sin City is a crime saga set in old Las Vegas. Mobsters rule the casinos, and petty criminals like Tim Kelly try to claw their way into the action, while newcomers like Ruby Gordon try to adjust to life in the fun capital of the world – a city filled with gamblers, showgirls and criminals.


Streetwise series

A two-book YA series prequel to Brookline University. Meet Joy, Libby and Angel at age 13 as they survive foster care in Seattle with the help of their friends, including street hood Cal Gordon.