The Dead Woman novel – Pre-order now!

My latest novel, The Dead Woman (Sin City, #3) will be on sale April 9th, but you can pre-order today!

The Dead Woman follows Tim Kelly as he awaits a shipment of weapons and ends up with a truckload of Mexican immigrants – including one who knows what happened to his shipment.

The Dead Woman takes place in October/November 1966, and follows Tilt. It’s being released in digital and paperback format. If I get 10 or more digital pre-orders, the book price for pre-order will drop to $2.99, saving you 50%.


Sin City playlist

I love using music to inspire me, and although I can’t write to music playing, I do make playlists to listen to when I’m not writing. I use period music and often match up songs with specific scenes.

The playlist for Sin City is available on YouTube and Spotify.

01        The Wanderer (Dion)

Ch 2 – Tim arrives at Rett’s

02        Rescue Me (Fontella Bass)

Ch 2 – Tim sees Ray hassling Ruby. Tim and Ruby’s meet-cute … ish.

03        Stick Shift (The Duals)

Ch 5 – Tim learns to drive the truck.

04        Liar Liar (The Castaways)

Ch 6 – Jake takes Ruby to the Silver Slipper.

05        Night Life (Elvis Presley)

Ch 9 – Tim and Ruby driving the Strip in the truck.

06        Ruby Baby (Dion and the Belmonts)

Ch 14 – Tim and Ruby in Rett’s bar.

07        Hello Vietnam (Johnny Wright)

Ch 15 – Driving to the liquor store robbery.

08        Pass the Booze (Ernest Tubb)

Ch 18 – Heading to Rett’s after the rodeo.

09        Tracks of My Tears (Smokey Robinson and the Miracles)

Ch 18 – Hollis drunk in Rett’s bar.

10        Little Darlin’ (The Diamonds)

Ch 21 – Ruby goes to the Round Up.

11        This Diamond Ring (Gary Lewis and the Playboys)

Ch 28 – Tim drinking on a bench outside the casinos.

12        Runaround Sue (Dion)

Ch 28 – In Rett’s bar.

Self Publishing Dictionary

This glossary of self publishing terms defines everything from acronyms to publishing platforms, writing terms and marketing speak. If you have a term to add, or a better definition to share, please comment.

Self Publishing Dictionary


Acknowledgements – The section of the front or back matter where you thank people who helped bring the book to fruition. Not a requirement.

ACX – Audiobook Creation Exchange, where authors can create an audiobook.

Aggregator – A publishing aggregator publishes your book to more than one outlet. For example, is an aggregator that can get you on Kobo, Amazon, Nook, and more.

Also Boughts – The list of books by other authors that your readers have also bought. It can give you a good insight into what your readers like outside of your book.

Amazon – The biggest ebook and print book publisher on the internet, they sell print and ebooks. And everything else in the world lol.

Amazon Author Central – An Amazon site that allows you to claim your author profile on Amazon, write a bio, sync your blog and manage your books. You should sign up as soon as you publish a book on Amazon.

AMS – Short for Amazon Marketing Services. Used by authors for book ads that show on Amazon. AMS ads can boost the visibility of your book on Amazon.

Amazon Prime – A program that gives you lots of perks, like free shipping, video and the ability to borrow a book from the KOLL. The features vary depending on what country you’re in.

ARC – Stands for Advanced Reader Copy. Free book copies are given to reviewers, bloggers, etc in exchange for a fair and honest review. Some authors put together an ARC Team of readers, usually interested readers/fans from their mailing list.

ASIN – Amazon Standard Identification Number. This is a number Amazon assigns to your work to keep track of it in their system, and can be used in place of an ISBN. Google play uses their own, called a GGKEY.

Author Central – See Amazon Author Central.

Author Copy – Copies of your book you purchase at a discount and can sell yourself at in-person events, conventions etc.

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Neon and Tinsel (Sin City, #3.5) for Christmas

If you love novellas set at Christmas, be sure to pick up a digital copy of Neon and Tinsel, book 3.5 in the Sin City series.

Neon and Tinsel takes place at Christmas 1966, with visits to Tim Kelly’s strained family Christmas, Darla Redmond’s holiday back home in Ohio, Jake Wheeler’s cold Christmas in North Dakota, and Ruby’s attempt at Christmas-ifying Rett’s bar in Las Vegas.

Digital Versions:

Amazon Kindle US
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Barnes and Noble Nook
24 Symbols

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Tilt released – free until Nov 30 2017

Tilt is now out in print and ebook format.

Until November 30th, you can get your digital copy FREE on Amazon, Kobo, Nook, iTunes and other major retailers. Print copies are available at Amazon (paperback) and Lulu (hardcover and paperback).

Tilt is the second book in the Sin City series, and occurs concurrently with Sin City, focusing on characters like Bill, Darla, Jake, Jimmy, Ray and Diana.

Haven’t read Sin City yet? Pick it up for only 99 cents until November 30, 2017.

Tilt Digital Versions:

Amazon Kindle US
Amazon Kindle Canada
Amazon Kindle UK
Amazon Kindle Australia
Amazon Kindle France
Apple iBookstore
Barnes and Noble Nook

Tilt Print Versions:

Amazon US Trade Paperback ($14.95 USD)
Amazon UK Trade Paperback
Amazon Germany Trade Paperback
Amazon France Trade Paperback

Lulu Trade Paperback ($12.95 USD)
Lulu Hardcover ($23.95 USD)


Tilt release date – November 15 2017!

Mark your calendars – Tilt, the second book in the Sin City series, will be released on November 15, 2017.

Tilt occurs simultaneously with Sin City, following the stories of the minor characters. Catch up with Bill Pearce, Ray Roth, Diana Kelly, Jake Wheeler, Darla Redmond and Jimmy Lewis.

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October Updates – Sin City and Brookline University

I have a lot of October updates to share, and little time to do it.

Book Updates

  • Brookline University is coming out of Kindle Unlimited on Tuesday. I’ll be going wide with them again, and I’ll also be offering the first two books for free to my email list.
  • I have a co-author for the Sin City series! Author M.B. Miller has been my sounding board for a lot of Sin City planning, and she wrote scenes for me as treats so I’d finish my work. We realized there was information in the book integral to the series, so I asked M.B. Miller to write some of the series with me.
  • Book 2 is called Tilt. It takes place at the same time as Sin City, but follows the secondary characters like Bill, Jake, Darla, and Jimmy. We haven’t nailed down a release date yet, but I’m looking at the beginning of November. Click the link above to view the cover, and if you join my mailing list you’ll get the first look at everything.

Tilt (Sin City, #2)


  • Tilt‘s current status is we are awaiting a printed proof copy. I’ve finished print and ebook versions, and next up is working on some hardcover issues and the marketing push.
  • I’ve also been working on Book 3, which I’m in the final stages of editing/proofing. It’s called The Dead Woman and takes place in October/November 1966. I’m looking at an early 2018 release.
  • I’m participating in Nanowrimo this year! I aimed to last year, signed up, and did 0 words. I had no focus after releasing Sin City last year, but this year I have an idea (Book 5 of Sin City!), and I’ve already started plotting.

New Covers for Brookline University

Brookline University has new covers! Check out Amazon, or this website, and you’ll see the awesome new covers for this YA/NA series.

Brookline University new covers

Brookline University’s previous covers have been in use since their debut. It was time to update, despite the great photography featured on the previous covers. The new covers fit the genre much better.

The covers were designed by Cassidy Grant.

Updated Kindle Copies Available

Print and digital versions are up at Amazon now, and I’ve asked Amazon to send updates to people who have purchased previous copies on their Kindle, so if you visit Manage Your Content and Devices you’ll be able to sync and get the newest versions with the updated covers.

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Piece of Work – FREE prequel to Sin City

Piece of Work, a free prequel to the Sin City series, is available for FREE at Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, Nook and other retailers.

Currently the book is sitting at number 2 on the free Kindle Short Reads for Mystery, Thriller and Suspense.

Piece of Work free prequel on Amazon
Tim Kelly has never been a fan of the Chicago Mob, and in 1965 Las Vegas, they’re the only game in town.

Tim’s latest venture has caught the attention of Sam Wyatt, a Fremont Street mobster with two casinos. Unfortunately, he’s also caught the attention of the Chicago Outfit’s most ruthless enforcer. Now Tim has a choice to make – play ball or stake his own claim – and his decision could have lasting effects.

Download the book for free at the following retailers:

Amazon Kindle US
Amazon Kindle Canada
Amazon Kindle UK
Amazon Kindle Australia
Amazon Kindle France ePub
Apple iBookstore

For more information visit the Piece of Work page here.



Sin City Promos Roundup

I had some great Sin City promos since the release, and I’m playing catch-up on the blog after a few busy weeks. Here’s a breakdown of some websites that featured Sin City over the last month.



Oct 24 – ARC reviewer On Two Feet reviewed the book on their blog and at Goodreads. Thanks so much!

Nov 1 – I did a guest blog post at Urban Book Reviews on Research in Las Vegas and preparing to write Sin City. Thanks to Urban Book Reviews for the opportunity – I really enjoyed writing the article. Any chance to talk about Las Vegas!

Nov 7Sin City was reviewed by the Genre Minx. The reviews also appear on Goodreads, Amazon and LibraryThing. Thanks so much for your review!

Nov 7Sin City was a Weekly Featured read at Quiet Fury Books. We really appreciate it!

Dec 2 – I did an interview with The Writing Greyhound. Thank you for the interview.

Sin City also has a page on TVTropes. There are no plot spoilers visible. Also, sorry, you’re about to lose hours of your time on that site lol.

I have a few more things in the works, and I’ll post about them as soon as I can. Thanks to everyone who has purchase Sin City and reviewed it. If you have your copy, please think about leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads.