Billie and Diana Series

The Billie and Diana Series is a comedy horror series following Billie Jessop and Diana DeAngelis, recent college grads who can’t seem to do anything without someone dying. No matter where they end up, death follows, and sometimes they’re the only ones savvy enough to keep everyone else alive.

The series is coming very soon to Amazon, Nook, Kobo, iTunes, Google Play and more. The first book was previously published under a pen name.

The Final Cut (Billie and Diana, #1)

Making movies is murder …

Billie and Diana, sorority sisters, roommates and best friends, are polar opposites, but both of them jump at the chance to work on the set of a thriller filming outside of Vancouver. Just out of college, they can’t believe their luck at scoring their dream jobs.

Their luck sours and their dreams turn into nightmares when they arrive at the isolated set. They’re working with the director from hell; the cast and crew squabble and hook-up like high school cliques; and filming begins in a few days, but the script hasn’t been finalized yet.

Things just get worse when people start turning up dead …


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