Goodreads Reading Challenge 2020

Every year I do the Reading Challenge at Goodreads, an Amazon-owned website dedicated to tracking your books and reading. I challenge myself to read 52 books a year – one per week. Here’s my recent year stats (which are worse than I thought!): 2019 – 61/52 2018 – 60/52 2017 – 67/70 2016 – 66/65Continue reading “Goodreads Reading Challenge 2020”

New Book – Self Publishing For Canadians

I know, I said publishing four books this year practically killed me, but here I am with a fifth. Self Publishing for Canadians grew out of a huge blog post here. There was so much information to share on self publishing, especially in regards to Canadian-specific information. The ebook is available on Amazon, Kobo, BarnesContinue reading “New Book – Self Publishing For Canadians”