Twitter (or a lack thereof)

So I really love(d) Twitter.

It made no sense why, since I hated posting on Facebook even though the only people that could see my stuff were people I mostly knew in real life. But I’m not visual enough to curate a decent looking Instagram and I hate being on video, so TikTok and YouTube were out. Hell, I don’t even post images in my posts here half the time even though I have evidence photos bring in more views and interaction.

As a writer, Twitter made sense. It’s text based. It’s real time. It’s breaking news and random niche stuff. Everyone is there. With the death of the message board, it was the only social media I felt comfortable on. I liked shouting into the void. And it often was a void.

I never had a ton of followers or followed lots of people (maybe a few hundred at the most), but I liked the ones I did follow. I interacted with a lot of other writers, met some readers, and in general enjoyed myself in my little Twitter corner.

Enter Elon Fucking Musk who ruins things like a petulant toddler.

I tried a few other platforms and all of them felt wrong. You know the feeling when you can instantly tell whether something meshes with you or not? I know Mastodon is not for me, even if it seems like the most used alternative. I feel like I’m missing so much content outside of my instance. I have no idea if deleting a toot deletes it. I hate calling it a toot.

I tried Tribel but didn’t like their privacy/TOS issues, Cohost was too small and felt cloistered and Hive was too focused on photos and has no web option. I reactivated my Tumblr. Haven’t tumbled.

What I realized is that the platforms I’m on (TikTok, FB, YouTube, Insta) I use those to consume media and content. I follow a lot of people, enjoy what I watch. But on Twitter, I created content. I posted things, discussed stuff, got news, discovered new authors, got companies to help me when all other options failed, kept up with friends.

I have yet to figure out where I’ll go, if I go. I still like Twitter, because the people I follow are what made it good for me. Some of them have dipped out to other platforms, but I really hope they stay, because I have no idea what to do when 5 people go to 5 different platforms. I already feel so fractured between platforms.

In the meantime, here is where you can find me around the internet. I keep this updated just in case of implosion. My Linktree.

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