Goodreads Reading Challenge 2021

I set a goal (as usual) for 52 books this year (one a week). I buy so many new releases that I don’t get to for years and years, so this year I aimed to try and read a few recent releases as well as old ones I never got to.

Last year I read 96 books, many of those Shakespeare plays. This year I tried to diversify my reading a bit.

This year, I read 56. This has been my lowest year since 2015. I blame it on the pandemic turning my brain into mush that is only capable of handling repetitive iPad games.

My most recent finishes in my 2021 Reading Challenge.

Here is a rundown of some of my favourites (and not-so-favourites):

Non Fiction Books Read – 23
Fiction Books Read – 33

Best New-to-me Author Discoveries – Riley Sager and RM Greenaway

Favourite Non Fic BookAll God’s Children (Rene Denfeld). A look at the formation of street families in the Portland area. Part true crime and part sociological study.

Least Favourite Non Fic BookTwins Talk: What Twins Tell Us About Person, Self, and Society (Dona Lee Davis). It didn’t cover what I hoped it would regarding twins and their relationships.

Favourite Fiction Book – A tie between two YA books, Loveless (Alice Oseman) and Moxie (Jennifer Mathieu), followed by You Should See Me In A Crown (Leah Johnson). All three books have great lead characters. Loveless features an asexual lead and a UK college setting, You Should See Me in a Crown features a Black bi/pan lead (with anxiety!), while Moxie calls up all of the 1990s riot grrl feminism you’ve been missing in your life since high school. The YA authors really got me this year.

Least Favourite Fiction Book – A tie between Smokescreen and The Persuasion (Iris Johansen). Both are part of the Eve Duncan series, and I’ve decided to stop reading this series because of how formulaic and infuriating it is with the “sex crazed bad guy” and hypocritical overprotective yet lone wolf leads.

Best Book Settings – Northern BC’s the Hazeltons in RM Greenaway’s Cold Girl and Mount Everest in the multiple mountaineering bios I read this year. If someone attempts to climb that thing I read about it lol.

Number of Books I Re-Read – 2 (both from Rashid Darden – Lazarus and Covenant)

BIPOC Authors Read – 4 authors of 10 books (to my knowledge)

LGBTQ2IA+ Authors Read – 7 authors of 6 books (to my knowledge)

Overall I read a bit outside my usual genres, and for the second year in a row had a big stretch of Everest books circa April/May lol. I have a bunch ready on my reader for 2022.

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