October 2021 Reads

I didn’t get a lot of reading done this month. Blame it on AMC movie marathons and colouring apps lol.


And Then There Were None (Agatha Christie)
I had never read any Agatha Christie books before this. This book basically set the stage for every locked room mystery from Clue to Knives Out. I didn’t guess the killer, although did assume it was someone on the island. I was positive this book had a different title and lo and behold, I was right, and hoo boy. The title I remembered was “Ten Little Indians” but I wasn’t aware of the original title “Ten Little N*****s.” The N-word was also the island name! It made a lot of the casual racism towards the Jewish character make a lot more sense. Knowing the original title and not enjoying the racial stereotypes, I don’t know if I want to read more of Agatha Christie. Yes, it was a different time and all that, but my reading time is limited.

The Mist (Stephen King)
I have always wanted to read this. I remember reading somewhere that Stephen King preferred the ending the movie did over his own. The ending of The Mist is interesting – nothing is resolved, and you don’t know what happens. I can see that annoying a segment of readers, but I honestly found it realistic, because I couldn’t imagine how King could possibly write his way out of this novella. I looked up the movie ending, and honestly, it would have really irritated me as the book ending lol.

Non Fiction

I didn’t read any this month. Boo.

50/52 – I’m closing in on finishing my reading challenge early. My reading pace has slowed down though.

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