September 2021 Reads

I have 17 unread physical books, and yet I keep buying digital ones. I feel like I’ll never get through my TBR list.

I don’t know if it’s having a weakened attention span or needing to think more because of brain fog, but I find I have to read a chapter and then stop and think on it, remember it, ruminate about it. It’s made reading take a lot longer.


Final Girls (Riley Sager)
I came across this via BookTok. Final Girls is a psychological thriller about a woman who is the only survivor of a massacre. After another survivor – another Final Girl – shows up to meet her, she begins questioning what her motives are and what happened the night she survived. I was really surprised I hadn’t heard of Riley Sager before – and equally surprised to find out Riley Sager is male. Sager writes in a mixed third and first POV, and I assumed Riley to be female based on the first person writing of his Quincy Carpenter character.

The Last Time I Lied (Riley Sager)
Emma Davis was 13 when three of her fellow campers went missing after leaving their cabin. Years later she’s returned to find out what happened to them. I enjoyed the whodunnit a bit more here because the result made sense more to me than the first book. I wish Sager’s back of the book bio wasn’t trying to obfuscate his gender anymore. It seems silly to keep that bio when his identity is known – almost like the publisher is trying to fool people. He writes women well, and there’s just no need to try to hide it in the bio.

Lock Every Door (Riley Sager)
I was a bit disappointed in this one, only because I guessed what was going on fairly early – and I never guess correctly when it comes to mysteries/thrillers (I’m notoriously bad at it, which is why I don’t write them lol). I also guessed who was responsible, so it just felt sort of meh to me. I did like the main character a lot though. And I like that one aspect of her past is not resolved – I hate too-tidy endings, and I was hoping that wouldn’t be the case here, and it wasn’t which was nice.

Non Fiction

I didn’t read any this month.

For October I have a few more Sager books on the TBR pile, as well as some Stephen King and my very first Agatha Christie (I know).

48/52 – I’m closing in on finishing my reading challenge early. My reading pace has slowed down though.

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