August 2021 Reads

I’m so close to finishing my challenge for the year. I recently found my resolution list and I mentioned I wanted to read all of Jane Austen, so we’ll see if that happens lol.


River of Lies (B.C. Blues, #5) (R.M. Greenaway)
This is probably my second favourite in the series. A baby goes missing, and Leith and Dion race against the clock to find her. I really do love this series, even if the artistic license with geography drives me crazy sometimes lol. It’s been refreshing reading something set here and makes me feel more confident that I could really use my own backyard as a setting and have it feel new and fresh. I’ve always felt writing what I knew in this way was a bit boring, but this series proves otherwise.

Five Ways to Disappear (B.C. Blues, #6) (R.M Greenaway)
A man is murdered in his front yard, and Leith and Dion have to see if it’s connected to another murder in a local park. Dion’s secrets are starting to shake loose, and there’s an almost sad feeling throughout because you know when they do, the fun is over. I don’t know if there are any more books to come in the series, but I hope there are.

K-Rho: The Sweet Taste of Sisterhood (La Toya Hankins)
Set at college? Check. In the 90s? Check. Involving sororities and fraternities? Check! Gloria, Donna and Kiara forge a bond of sisterhood through their sorority and share their issues with a lack of dating life, unfaithful boyfriends and sexuality kept under wraps. I really loved how the book showed the positive experiences of membership in traditionally African American sororities. It’s nice to find positive portrayals, especially ones that also highlight some of the negative aspects but don’t go down the hazing road that most do. I loved the characters – I have a soft spot for Donna, a Bible quoting connoisseur of cuss words. Every character has a distinctive personality and stands out.

Non Fiction

That Lonely Section of Hell: A Botched Investigation of a Serial Killer Who Almost Got Away (Lorimer Shenher)
This is a look into the Pickton case from an investigator who handled the missing womens’ files and the bumps (more like massive walls) the investigation hit. It’s an infuriating read in many ways, because it really shows that even if one cop wants to find answers, they can’t when everyone else throws up barriers. Be aware, much of this book is more an autobiography and deals with PTSD and other issues, not just the Pickton case. It will also make your blood pressure go up whenever you see the letters VPD.

45/52 – I’m 11 books ahead of schedule now. I have so many unread books on my shelf and I keep buying more.

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