July 2021 Reads

I read a lot of non fiction last month, so I’m going to try more fiction this time around.

I am really, really late posting this up. Blame the sun trying to kill us, forest fire smoke and general lethargy.


First Bones (Temperance Brennan, #0.5) (Kathy Reichs)
This novella focuses on how Tempe Brennan ended up in forensic anthropology and working for the police. I love origin stories, and despite the huge number of Brennan books Reichs has released, there wasn’t much info on how the early days and her “first bones” came about. I enjoyed the story for that as well as the 80s feel of everything.

Cold Girl (B.C. Blues Crime, #1) (R.M. Greenaway)
I have amassed a small collection of BC authors to read, and this is my first dip into the BC Blues Crime series. This first book is set in the northwest of BC and deals with the RCMP investigating a missing woman case and if it’s connected to recent serial killings. It was fun reading a BC set book, and I really enjoyed the writing of Cal Dion, a cop who recently recovered from a car accident that put him in a coma. The head injury and the effects were dealt with really well. Dave Leith, impatient with Cal, is headed to North Vancouver at the end, which leads into …

Undertow (B.C. Blues Crime, #2) (R.M. Greenaway)
Leith is now with North Vancouver RCMP and finds Cal Dion there as well. Despite enjoying the local setting, I also realized it’s a little harder to read locally set stuff because you notice every little deviation from reality and it can throw you off lol. Dion is picking at an unsolved homicide from before his accident when a young family is killed. As they’re investigating, a local nightclub owner is found bludgeoned in his home. Dion has decided to quit but ends up getting friendly with the business partner of the dead club owner. Leith has to figure out who is responsible and if they’re connected. We learn more about Dion and what happened pre-accident, which adds a lot of stakes and propels you into the next book.

Creep (B.C. Blues Crime, #3) (R.M. Greenaway)
So far this is my favourite in the series. When a dead body is found at an abandoned house and reports come in about werewolf attacks, Dion and Leith have to figure out what’s really going on. Dion gets involved with witnesses so easily, and it can be frustrating, but it’s also the thing that makes him a good cop. His shady past seems like it’s zooming toward him. I really like the introduction of JD, a female cop. I do have to force myself to sometimes ignore little changes in geography. Most readers wouldn’t be bothered at all, but when you’re in familiar territory and you’re obsessive/weird like me, those things stand out … me and artistic license fight a lot lol).

Flights and Falls (B.C. Blues Crime, #4) (R.M. Greenaway)
A woman drives off a twisty highway. A man is found beaten in the bush an hour away. A cop is shot in his own home. Cal Dion thinks these cases are related and has to figure out how. He’s also getting closer to being found out. I am still hoping there’s going to be something that will prove he didn’t do something bad, because I’ve come to like Dion a lot. JD is also a favourite – I wouldn’t mind a spin off with her as a bush pilot somewhere. There are two more books in the series so far.

Non Fiction

No non fic this month.

41/52 – I’ll definitely hit my goal early!

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