March 2020 Reads

So last post I was ten books ahead of schedule and embarking on a read of a TV show novelization and heading into Julius Caesar. Links are to Project Gutenberg (for the Shakespeare) and Goodreads. Here’s what I read in March:


Julius Caesar (William Shakespeare)
I’d read this in high school and analyzed it to death (as you do), but honestly couldn’t remember very much about it. It’s a great example of turning someone against something and having them regret it. I enjoyed it, but honestly, I think I’m getting burnt out of tragedies and histories in my Shakespeare reading.

Grimm: The Icy Touch (John Shirley)
The TV show Grimm was one of my favourites for the six seasons it was on, and this book is an original novel based on and authorized by the show. The case fits between two episodes. I liked it, but I wasn’t wowed by it. Sometimes reading novelizations is annoying because they repeat things you already know because new readers might not have seen the show.

Two Gentlemen of Verona (William Shakespeare)
Honestly, I was fairly bored with this one too. I found the main characters annoying and I can see why people think it’s one of his weakest plays. The men are just annoying in this. It’s like he equates being in love to a tennis match … back and forth and back and forth. Ugh.

Grimm: The Chopping Block (John Passarella)
This book has a different author than the first one. I found this one more enjoyable with its plot – it was a lot more gruesome as well. I really enjoy Juliette more in these books. The authors seem to focus on the fact she’s a vet and actually use those skills, which I love. The show missed the boat there. Overall it was my favourite of the three novelizations.

King John (William Shakespeare)
Will the histories ever end (she asks, while reading Richard II)? At this point it’s all I can do to get through the histories. I found King John very dull. So much results on who was born to who and when, you want someone unrelated to come in and kill everyone so we don’t have to worry about it anymore. I think quarantine is getting to me lol.

Grimm: The Killing Time (Tim Waggoner)
Another Grimm book, the last of the releases. I didn’t mind this one, but wasn’t very attached to it. Again, another author that did a better job with Juliette than the writers for the TV show did. I really like her in these novelizations a lot, because she gets to show off her knowledge and skill as a veterinarian.

So that was my March.

I realized after finishing the last Grimm book that I hadn’t read any non fiction in awhile, so I’m going to make it a point to pick up some for April.

Goodreads Reading Challenge Total – 25/52 (12 books ahead of schedule!)


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