Writing updates

So July was a lost cause for me and writing. August has been marginally better.

I knew the third book was going to be the hardest to do. It sets up everything that comes after, and its foundation comes from the two books before it. Because of that, more work has to be done on that book than any other.

One of the big things I needed to change involved the names of sororities and fraternities in the book. Many of them exist as actual groups now, and I want to make an effort to have them be entirely fictional and not share a name with a real group. This is a lot harder than it seems.

Despite not doing any actual writing, I am doing a lot of plotting and planning. I’ve settled on some changes and I’m working through other issues right now. I feel like as soon as I feel that I have a handle on everything, the writing will be much faster and easier.

I am still having a tough time calling the series Brookline University. So far we’re looking at a 7 book series, and only 4 of those books taking place at the university. The school doesn’t even play a part until book 3. So I’m not sure what to do, but I have a few series name ideas.

Vote now!


In other news, I’ve written 18 (so far) sorority recs for potential new members going through sorority recruitment this year. I love recruitment season!


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