Anywhere But Here and The Long Way Home Are Done (Sort of)

So the first two books of the Brookline series are done! Well, by done I mean rewritten and edited. They still need to be formatted for print and ebook and released, but I’m leaving that until the end of this process.

Up next … rewriting and editing the third book, which is their freshman year of college. Formerly titled Brookline University: Freshman Year, the book is now called . . . yeah, I got nothing lol. I don’t have a title yet. I’m hoping something will strike me as I write, which is what happened with the titles for Anywhere But Here and The Long Way Home. If you want to throw out suggestions, please do.

Books 3, 4, 5 and 6 each cover a year of Joy, Libby and Angel in college and are going to be the most intense with rewriting. I’ve written out a chapter-by-chapter outline of what happened in the original versions, and there is SO much I want to change. So many things I want to address and write about now, things I wasn’t happy with or glossed over, plots I am embarrassed by. I’m a teensy bit terrified of all the work ahead of me, because the first book is always the worst when it comes to taking things apart and putting it all back together. It lays the ground work for everything else, much in the way Anywhere But Here laid the ground work for The Long Way Home and everything that comes after.



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