Progress report on the Brookline University series

Thought it was time for a check in.

Anywhere But Here is done, and I’m 12/13 chapters in re-writing The Long Way Home. Why so few? Hellacious writer’s block.

I had an entire section to take out and rewrite, and it was a lot of plotting and planning to come up with something that worked and felt right. I ended up getting very, very stuck on it. It was over a month of starts and stops with no progress … and then I cut off my hair.

I know, last name Samson, it probably sounds like a bad idea. But I felt like one change might beget another, so I chopped off over 6″ of hair and the next day I ended up writing a huge portion of the section I needed to get through. I still have a bit to iron out, but I’m finally moving forward again.

Here’s a picture of my writing helper. He’s very judgy.

So far the series plan is 7 books:

Anywhere But Here
The Long Way Home
Brookline 1st year
Brookline 2nd year
Brookline 3rd year
Brookline 4th year
Post Brookline (tentative title of Free Fall)

As you can see, no titles yet for the college-set series. I will probably get more title ideas once I’m actively writing/re-writing those books.

I’m also trying to decide if the series should be called Brookline University. Only 4 out of the 7 books will be set in college. I don’t have a clue what I’d call it otherwise (unless it’s something descriptive like the Joy, Libby and Angel series). The first two books take place when the characters are 13-18 years old, so the university themed series title could feel misleading to some people. It also complicates things with Goodreads and how it lists things to continue to call it the same series name as the previous versions.

So I’m a bit stuck on what to do with that. Hopefully something will come to me, and if not, staying with BU is the back up plan.



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