When research attacks

So I have finished the re-write on Anywhere But Here (I’m keeping the title) and I’m about 12 chapters in on The Long Way Home (also keeping the title). I’m finding TLWH will have more changes. It was a shorter book (by about 20K!), so I have a lot more to work with in terms of word count if I want to add things.

One of the things I’ve been conscious of is needing the characters to have a bit more focus toward school and college and all that goes along with that. TLWH was written after the main series initially, and I think I glossed over a lot of college prep, which realistically would have been a much bigger focus.

That will also be a focus of the college -set part of the series (they need to go to class more lol), so I’ve done a lot of college related research.

From dorm room tours on YouTube to reunion blogs with tons of 1989-1993 era photos, I’ve been hitting Google pretty hard. I’ve learned how to loft a bed, rode the Green Line D from start to finish, looked through old ’90s course catalogues, Street View walked around Boston, and started mind constructing a campus in a specific location.

In short, research attacked. The re-writing has slowed as I’ve immersed myself in college research. It’s helped for this book because there are a lot of things I forgot the characters would have to worry about their senior year of high school, so it’s given rise to a few story ideas.

If you’ve read the Streetwise/Brookline series in the past and have some comments or suggestions, please leave them here or email me – arieswriting@gmail.com. I’ll be thanking all contributors in the books.

Oh, and if you’re good at titling books, start brainstorming, because I’m at a complete loss. Titles will be the death of me. I’m serious. We’re looking at Book Title 3 and so on now …


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