The Dead Woman Playlist

Better late than never, here is the playlist for the Sin City book The Dead Woman.

You can listen on YouTube or Spotify.

01        19th Nervous Breakdown (Rolling Stones)

Ch 1 – waiting for the guns to arrive

02        Lightning Strikes (Lou Christie)

Ch 3 – hanging out with Jesse

03        Psychotic Reaction (Count Five)

Ch 5 – shooting and driving into mountains

04        Monster Mash (Bobby Pickett)

Ch 7 – arriving at Rett’s

05        Little Red Riding Hood (Sam the Sham)

Ch 7 – Ray tries to take Lupe

06        Let There Be Drums (Sandy Nelson)

Ch 8 – Ray and Tim fight

07        Ruby Ann (Marty Robbins)

Ch 9 – talking with Ruby

08        Rebel Rouser (Duane Eddy)

Ch 12 – car chase on the way to Mexico

09        Maria Elena (Los Indios Tabajaras)

Ch 14 – Tim and Lupe relax

10        Luz de Luna (Javier Solis)

Ch 16 – drive to get the microfiche

11        Misirlou (Dick Dale)

Ch 17 – storming the Casa

12        Muchacho Triste y Solitario (Los Teen Tops)

Ch 18 – packing up to leave Mexico


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