October Updates – Sin City and Brookline University

I have a lot of October updates to share, and little time to do it.

Book Updates

  • Brookline University is coming out of Kindle Unlimited on Tuesday. I’ll be going wide with them again, and I’ll also be offering the first two books for free to my email list.
  • I have a co-author for the Sin City series! Author M.B. Miller has been my sounding board for a lot of Sin City planning, and she wrote scenes for me as treats so I’d finish my work. We realized there was information in the book integral to the series, so I asked M.B. Miller to write some of the series with me.
  • Book 1.5 is called Tilt. It takes place at the same time as Sin City, but follows the secondary characters like Bill, Jake, Darla, and Jimmy. We haven’t nailed down a release date yet, but I’m looking at the beginning of November. Click the link above to view the cover, and if you join my mailing list you’ll get the first look at everything.

Tilt (Sin City, #2)


  • Tilt‘s current status is we are awaiting a printed proof copy. I’ve finished print and ebook versions, and next up is working on some hardcover issues and the marketing push.
  • I’ve also been working on Book 2, which I’m in the final stages of editing/proofing. It’s called The Dead Woman and takes place in October/November 1966. I’m looking at an early 2018 release.
  • I’m participating in Nanowrimo this year! I aimed to last year, signed up, and did 0 words. I had no focus after releasing Sin City last year, but this year I have an idea, and I’ve already started plotting.

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