Hi everyone, I’m Jennifer Samson, the author of the crime/love story Sin City saga set in 1960s Las Vegas, the co-written Billie and Diana series. My other series, the four-book YA Brookline University series and it’s prequel Streetwise books are currently being re-written for re-release.

My Books

My first published books were a YA series called Sandy Cove, published in 2006 and 2007 and currently out-of-print. If anyone other than my family or friends own these, it is a minor miracle.

Author Introduction - Brookline University series

Brookline University began as a serialized story posted online from December 1998 to 2005. It was then reworked into a four book series. Two prequels, the Streetwise series, followed. In late 2018 they were removed from sale and are being re-written for future re-release.

Author Introduction - Sin City series

The Sin City series is set in 1960s Las Vegas and follows petty criminals, showgirls, and newcomers to a town in the clutches of the Chicago mob. The first book was released in 2016, and by the end of 2018 the series contains four books and two shorts.

Click Books above, and you can check out information on each book as well as purchase links.

The Billie and Diana series is co-authored by M.B. Miller and myself, and was originally published under a pen name. Following two college grads who always end up around a dead body, this comedy horror series was re-released in June 2018, with a sequel to follow soon.

These are some of the projects I may post about:

  • Sin City series – Currently a three book series with some accompanying shorts and novellas, it’s set in 1960s Las Vegas during the reign of the Chicago mob.
  • The Brookline University series, which is being rewritten for future re-release. There is also a two book prequel series, Streetwise, but I often refer to all of them together as Brookline University.
  • Billie and Diana series – The Final Cut is the first book, with the sequel, Curtains, close to being finished. I write Billie’s POV and my co-author MB Miller writes Diana’s POV.
  • I also have some other books I may talk about – ‘Tis The Season is the working title of a YA suspense that may turn into a series in the future.

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